LEPA - Life Enhancing Physical Activity

Mission: To provide platform for sustainable sport policy improvements

LEPA policy initiative is embedded in sport and reaches out to other public policy sectors

  • It is aimed at promoting basic human needs for regular physical activity, sociability, solidarity and healthy environment.
  • It builds upon a synergy between policy sectors of health, education, environment, social affairs, finance, culture and transport, and between governmental and non-governmental, public and private organizations.
  • It serves as a framework concept in order to enable conceptual needs and abilities of the local environment.

Main objectives:

  • to connect competing sport bodies in unified action to promote the values of sport and PA;
  • to develop policy initiative that calls for responsibility of all stakeholders that influence the policy of sport and physical activity;
  • to consider sport’s vital role for social and macro-economic welfare;
  • to provide the wide project theme for implementation of EU 2020 agenda;
  • to attract financial support for development of sport from other sectors;
  • to provide public authorities with stakeholders model for shared governance of sport.

Target groups: municipality, regional or national government and umbrella sport organizations

The initiative is in the seed stage. For joint development and cooperation please contact us.


  • to facilitate governments of EU member states with LEPA policy framework (EU 2020 strategy);
  • to provide a platform for structured LEPA dialogue among competing EU sport bodies (with transfer on national level);
  • to develop Key performance Indicators for each public sector that influence sport and physical activity;
  • to develop LEPA campaign in all sectors relevant for sport (like the efforts of HEPA in health sector).


  1. LEPA policy framework recommendations
  2. LEPA Key Performance Indicators by sectors
  3. LEPA management tool-kit for local/national government agents
  4. LEPA advocacy and fund-raising seminar for governing bodies